Nike free runs vs

31 May

Nike free runs vs

I had a pair of Free 5.0 and went from them to the 2150 I liked both,レイバン. the 2150 aren for *SEVERE* over-pronators (as some have said) they have a range from neutral-overpronate. Where the Asic Kayano is a stability shoe for severe overpronaters,レイバン.

With the mileage you putting on, I would recommend the 2150 The Free are good, but you will feel the road on longer runs. If you are running 15 – 25 miles / week, then I would say the Free would be a nice change from a “traditional” running shoe.

One is a neutral shoe and one is a stability shoe. The free is meant for people that have high arches and don pronate. The 2150 is meant for the mild pronater (about 70% of people have a mild pronation) with typical arch height. My recommendation is to look at what shoes you used to be in and check the bottom on the forefoot. If you are wearing on the inside of the forefoot, then you are pronating and need more support than that shoe. If you are wearing in the middle of the forefoot,サッカー用品, then you are in the appropriate category and should continue with that type of shoe.
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