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22 May

Education usnews

Seattle University administrators have assumed the role of party poopers, most recently warning the hosts of an off-campus themed “douchebag party” advised males to wear popped collars, aviator sunglasses, and flip-flops, and females to don Victoria’s Secret Pink-brand sweats or Abercrombie Fitch clothing and to talk incessantly on their cellphones their shindig be in violation of the student code of conduct, the Spectator reports. The school’s warning, sent via E-mail, cited “gender bias” as the grounds for possible punishment. The party, which was intended to be a parody of Greek-life culture, was soon canceled.

At least one other party was canceled recently after a school official warned the hosts of a heightened police presence, prompting students to protest the school’s “sudden and random crackdown.” In that instance, which occurred the week before the douchebag party was scheduled, the official who heads the school’s judicial system showed up at the doorstep of an off-campus apartment,Ray Ban, warning its residents that the house would be monitored to ensure there wasn’t a party that night, said one of the apartment’s renters. “This is a private residence. Some of us have even graduated.”

Students seem mostly upset over the school’s use of Facebook to find and target parties. And although controversy over a vulgarly named theme party in January may explain some of the university overreaction, confusion still reigns over how the invite for the douchebag party displayed any sort of gender bias.

The Delta Upsilon frat house at the University of Michigan was gutted by fire Friday morning, where more than 60 firefighters responded to the scene, the Michigan Daily reports. At the time, no one was staying in the 105-year-old historic house, valued at $1.2 million and reported to be the “oldest fraternity or sorority house on campus still occupied by the organization that built it.” Fire officials are still investigating the cause of the blaze.

Six dorm rooms at UC-Santa Barbara were scorched Friday morning,Cheap Ray Ban Wayfarers, forcing up to 400 students outside, expelling 100 from their dorms as of the weekend, and leaving two mildly injured, the Daily Nexus reports. Theories abound on what started the fire (errant hookah ash is the most virulent rumor so far), and a local news outfit reports that fire investigators believe a tree caught fire, spreading to the building.

Bucky, the University of Wisconsin’s mascot and most beloved badger, will be getting the quasi-Hollywood treatment in the documentary Being Bucky, featuring seven students who have donned the white and red and brown fuzzy suit, the Daily Cardinal reports.

The film’s director struggled to persuade mascoteers mostly lived in secret, one “even omitting the job on his Facebook profile” unmask. “It kind of kills part of the magic when people know who it is,” said Sky Halverson, a recent Bucky. Despite taking some flack from the mascot community, Halverson did eventually agree to take part in the movie reasons beyond fame and fortune, perhaps in hopes of a safer working environment. “People don’t realize that there’s a human in there. Yes, they do, but it’s not a real person,” he said. “That’s why people think it’s OK if their kids hit them.”

Just as some schools are trying to de-emphasize the importance of standardized test scores, Ohio University is phasing out its math placement exams and instead using ACT and SAT scores to determine students’ level of math ability, the Post reports.

Students with a 16 or below on the math portion of their ACT or a 380 or below on the SAT will be assigned to remedial math courses; those with at least a 30 on the ACT or a 680 on the SAT may skip the regular freshman math classes and take more advanced courses.

Students who bombed the ACT or SAT need not feel “trapped,” though; they’ll still have the option of taking the school’s placement exams online

Officials from the University of Nebraska-Kearney closed down campus on Friday after high winds and a series of tornadoes damaged the roofs of several school buildings Thursday night. The same storm also knocked a train off the tracks and downed power lines all over the city, and with damage in Aurora, 60 miles away prompted Nebraska Gov. Dave Heineman to declare a state of emergency.

School officials are using Friday to begin to clean up and assess the damage, asking nonessential personnel to stay home for the entire weekend. During the storm, students on campus for the summer semester gathered in the basement of a dorm, where no one was injured.

In the midst of an East Coast tour to protest the military’s “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell” policy, four Harvard students were arrested and charged with criminal trespassing yesterday after refusing to leave a recruiting station in Portland, Maine, the Harvard Crimson reports.

As part of the “Right to Serve” protest, Jacob Reitan, who has already been arrested 11 times for protesting on various gay and lesbian causes, attempted to enlist as an openly gay male recruit. When the military recruiter at the Maine site refused, citing the “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell” policy, Reitan and 19 other activists staged a sit-in of sorts, eventually leading to the arrest of the four students.

By now, everyone and his mom know that Sen. Barack Obama subbed for an ailing Ted Kennedy and spoke at Wesleyan’s commencement this past weekend. The speech itself was typical graduation fodder delivered with typical Obama But the frenzy that descended upon the tiny 2,700-student Connecticut school kept university officials extraordinarily busy in the 2 days they had to plan Obama’s surprise visit.

According to media relations director David Pesci,Fake Ray Ban Wayfarer Sunglasses, the school received 157 requests for press credentials (typical number: 15 to 20) within the first six hours after the Obama announcement was made Thursday from as far away as Japan.

Meanwhile, two months of planning as making a very open football field secure enough for a presidential candidate and setting up a live television feed in a forum with no electricity squeezed into a handful of days. One reporter even predicted up to 70,000 people attending an event that normally accommodates 8,000. Luckily, only 20,000 or so showed up.

But the lost sleep of university officials most likely didn’t register with euphoric graduates and guests, who were treated to the only commencement speech in the country by a presidential candidate (as far as I can tell). Although some could have done without any allusions to Obama’s potential future (“As president, I intend to.”), students mostly went gaga over his message of public service. “At a time of war, we need you to work for peace. At a time of inequality, we need you to work for opportunity. At a time of so much cynicism and so much doubt, we need you to make us believe again,” he said. “I hope you’ll remember, during those times of doubt and frustration, that there is nothing naive about your impulse to change the world.”

If self-promoting professors have always left a foul taste in your mouth, head over to the University of Utah, where faculty and administrators have approved a policy that would prohibit professors from receiving royalties from books they assigned in class, the Daily Utah Chronicle writes. The proposal, which is pending approval by the Board of Regents, would still allow teachers to assign any text they want, but royalties from their own books must be donated to charity or another organization.

Critics say the policy could “[sow] the seeds of mistrust” between students and professors, and those on both sides of the debate point out that the practical impact of the ban is minimal: One professor (who supports the policy) makes 7.5 percent in royalties on the $21.95 paperback edition of his book whopping $1.65 per copy.

“The royalties most of us receive on our books are so small that the policy will make little practical difference one way or the other,” the English professor said. But, he adds, “professors do have a lot of power over their students, so any policy that assures students that they are not merely a marketing category is valuable.”
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