New Leaders of Alaska Republican Party May Be Unse

17 May

New Leaders of Alaska Republican Party May Be Unseated Before Assuming Control,Economici Ray Ban Aviatori

In April of last year, a cadre of “new guard” Republicans swept into leadership positions in the Alaska Republican Party, rankling some “establishment” party folks who had perhaps become used to a certain modus operandi under the long reign of party chair Randy Ruedrich. Now,Ray Ban, chairman-elect and constitutional conservative Russ Millette may face being unseated before ever getting to properly assume the role he was voted into last year, thanks to complaints filed against him and other new party stewards by the existing Alaska Republican Party leadership.

Joining Millette in having complaints lodged against them are vice-chair-elect Debbie Brown and two district officials. If both Millette and Brown are removed from office at a party hearing resulting from the complaints, a new election will have to be held to fill their vacant seats, effectively undoing much of the coup that was pulled off by tea party and constitutional conservative Republicans in spring of 2012.

Ruedrich himself filed the complain against Brown — who had also served as the party’s vice-chair of District 34 from her home in Kasilof — on Jan. 2. In it, he alleges that she had failed to properly apportion funds for her district in the wake of the redistricting process that shifted Alaska’s electoral maps in 2011. Additionally, Debbie Brown and her husband, Jack Brown — who served as treasurer of the district — are accused of failing to properly report their district’s earnings and expenditures to the Alaska Public Offices Commission.

“This irresponsible management of party funds by an Alaska Republican Party leader will do material harm to the Alaska Republican Party and its fund raising capabilities,” the complaint said. “With access to a bigger bank account,Sconto Occhiali Da Sole Oakley, more egregious mismanagement is a serious concern.”

The charges against Millette — filed by ARP assistant treasurer Frank McQueary — also feature an allegation of mismanagement of funds, dating back .

Read the full story only at Alaska Dispatch.

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HuffPost High School welcomes a lively, thoughtful debate in the comment section. GOPMN stopped paying the rent on their main party offices for awhile, until they were taken to court. Romney cut off the credit cards for his workers before the campaign shut down. Michele Bachmann may have withheld payment to some of her paid staff, and may have paid campaign expenses out of her PAC funds. Bankrupt campaigns from the “fiscal conservatives” seems to be the norm.
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