5 Traits of the New American Consumer

14 May

5 Traits of the New American Consumer

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If these changes sound familiar, it’s because they’ve been a hot topic since the recession began. Two new books clarify the shift with heavy-duty consumer research. How can they continue to sell to consumers who no longer want to constantly buy? One answer: They join the movement. Companies and retailers who have embraced sustainability, value, and experiences over materialism appear to be the most successful in navigating the post-recession world.

A survey taken late last year by JD Power and Associates found that younger consumers in particular have been gravitating toward brands that provide value, such as Old Navy, Forever 21, and H Meanwhile, pricier brands known for stylishness, such as Abercrombie and Fitch, have suffered,Occhiali Ray Ban. News Personal Finance site for more insight and money management tips.]

Here are five traits that define the today’s consumer how companies can appeal to them.

Optimism. Consumers that Gerzema and D’Antonio classify as “spend shifters” percent of Americans, based on their research optimistic and resilient. They still believe in opportunity and good things to come. That means they don’t want to go overboard with second-hand shopping or “radical frugality;” instead, they simply seek value for their money

Brand consciousness,Occhiali Da Sole Oakley Economici. While the new consumer isn’t chasing the ever-changing retail trends, they’re often drawn to brands known for providing value. That’s partly because they have so many choices, and it’s hard to know what to trust,Cheap Ray Ban Wayfarer Sunglasses. So if they’re presented with the option of spending a little more for a brand that they know they’ll like, they’ll probably do that.

Authenticity-seekers. Benett and O’Reilly point to the “slow food” movement, where people strive to enjoy their meals instead of rushing through them, along with the related “slow travel” movement. “There is a pervasive sense that consumerism needs to be tempered by a thoughtful awareness of its negative social and personal implications,” say Benett and O’Reilly. That’s why people want to focus on simpler pleasures, such as homemade soup and lazy afternoons, instead of marathon shopping sprees that lead to clutter and constant feeling of wanting more. Their own research found that most respondents enjoyed cutting back and decluttering their homes.

[See 8 Painless Ways to Save Money.]

It doesn’t matter how bad the economy is everyone still has to shop. Spending some money will get the economy going in the right direction. Now ask yourself a question, do you still shop now? Are you buying toothpaste, toilet paper, shampoo, clothes and shoes for the family? I’m sure the answer is yes, we all still shop for things.

Savy consurmers have turned to the Internet for the best deals.

Retail stores are offering big discounts to shop on their websites. They need to cut down on their overhead costs to make their profit. Many are closing their doors and turning to the internet exclusively. Some stores are even offering free shipping. Did you know that there are internet websites that do not have any retail stores and as a result, they do not charge tax and some even offer free shipping back and forth? Shopping online not only can save you money, but it can save you time and gas! You don’t have to take the time to drive there, stand in line to pay and then drive all the way back to your house. You will also do our planet a favor by reducing your carbon footprint!

Sign up for email specials for your favorite stores use coupon codes for additional discounts. I have not bought a single Brand NEW item and I am VERY proud of that fact. There are plenty of people wasting their money on crap they will never wear, or wore once.

I bought a pair of suede, Hemp and leather sandals that normally go for ummm, about 150$ retail. I picked these up at the Local good will for 2.99$ So new, the sticker was still on the bottom with out scuff marks.

I find people who pay full price for most of their items are fools and very ignorant. More people comment on my sense of style and thrift and beg me to teach them, it something they have to discover for them selves.

Perhaps if ore people had shopped locally at their thrift stores we wouldn’t be in such a consumerist mess.
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