What does it take to be an Abercrombie Fitch air s

10 May

What does it take to be an Abercrombie Fitch air steward

We thought that it was tough enough to land a job in an Abercrombie Fitch flagship store, what with all the skills required to look pretty and stand around with your top off – rippling six pack obligatory – listening to deafening music in the near darkness. But it turns out the strict ‘rules’ don’t stop at the shop floor. clothing giant by ex A private jet pilot, Michael Stephen Bustin, 55,Jordan 8 Bugs Bunny, who claims he was fired and replaced by a younger ‘model’, we now know the delicious details of what it takes to make it as a ‘trolley dolly’ on Air Abercrombie Fitch,Buy Oakley Sunglasses.

Black gloves had to be used when handling silverware, white gloves to lay the table; toilet paper must not be “exposed” and the end must not be folded square; ‘Take Me Home’ had to be played when passengers boarded for their return flights,Ray Bans Outlet, while CEO Michael Jeffries’s dogs – Ruby, Trouble and Sammy – had detailed seating arrangements depending on which of them was travelling.

It’s a wonder that between all the work-outs, auditions, castings, spray-tans, teeth whitening and hair teasing, the poor lambs have any time, or energy left to absorb the 40-page in-flight instruction manual at all.
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