Takers couples to have children make money squande

10 May

Takers couples to have children make money squande

Gaoyou high a gambling man, met five years ago,polo ralph lauren, the same love of gambling Tangmou girlfriend, had trouble on both the economic crisis more and more stretched. Incredible is that this When his girlfriend gave birth to first child, a high suspicion that she and some others carried to the price of 25,800 yuan. 4,Fake Oakleys For Cheap, the high crime of trafficking in children of a guilty and was sentenced to imprisonment for 5 years Gaoyou.

> A 38-year-old high because of gambling, and he divorced his wife, young son of a high award, always thinking of high gambling threw the mother of a son Zhao. In April 2005, a high awareness in the game room Xinghua home from work to unmarried Way Gaoyou Tangmou. Because it had to play mahjong, play games, common interest, the two feelings rapid warming and soon had played unmarried cohabitation. As they do not have a proper job and fixed income,armani pas cher, and he likes to gamble, life stretched.

Grandma One day in July 2008, Tangmou found themselves pregnant. After the first preparation that high of a destroyed, and later because of busy gambling delayed. Since then, the high of a pregnancy will Tangmou told his mother the news of Zhao, Zhao has been that high of a son born to an ex-wife to support, agree with abortion. With the approval of Tangmou consent, the high of a tong to the hospital with surgery. After examination, they were told the fetus is large,Chaussures Nike Tn, the body will have destroyed a lot of damage. Ko hesitated,Nike Tn Pas Cher, taking into account economic distress, while the boy thought of the last High of a mother’s own idea to Zhao, Zhao felt feasible,Ray Ban Wayfarer. Idea has been set,Jordan 13 Bred, Zhao began to raise from this single Zhao asked by parents thanks to friends, found a boy, people,Tn Pas Cher, talks between the two sides finalized to 25,800 yuan,

2007, the Tangmou discovered she was pregnant. On learning of this, the high first thought was a knock down a child. They decided to discuss abortion, but because of the disposition and fun to run around in a busy casino, the results of delay this thing down. October 2007, a high abortion decision and tong to the hospital found to be pregnant for five months, the two operations because of inability to pay fees dropped. Ko then I thought, so on their own financial difficulties, raising children is inadequate, as the child and after High of a ridiculous idea to get Tangmou agree, then looking for a high

to Last May 17, Tangmou birth to baby girl. The next day, Zhao personally handed granddaughter Alex, got his wish has been high in a 25,800 yuan, he gave his mother Zhao 5,000,Chaussure Tn, the remaining squandered most of their gambling. June 2009, the high of a public security organ arrested for theft. Course of the trial, the investigators also found that high of a child carrying a case of trafficking, then tong, Zhao brought to justice.

high Zhou a and tong with the help of a neighbor, found the country of a At the time,Abercrombie France, this high of a child suspected of Tang Mousheng not their own March 8,piumini moncler, 2008, Tangmou birth to baby boy in the countryside, Zhou told a neighbor did not take long for people to adopt a child of a high, so the baby was taken away. Adopt a child whom the child is walking,Abercrombie, and tong are not aware of a high. Later, Zhou received high-handed a 9,000 dollars. Later stages by paternity testing in the investigation, the boy turned in June 2007, the Department Tangmou Yangzhou a friends with a relationship conceives. Paradoxically, even friends Tangmou What, do not know where to live.

played for the first child elements of the crime. In the second sub-event sale, the defendant’s behavior constituted a high crime of child trafficking,louboutin, punishable by law. High of a committed crime of child trafficking, sentenced to 5 years imprisonment and fined 20,000 yuan, with the former crime of the three-month detention sentence and fined 2400 yuan merger, decided to implement the 5 years imprisonment and a fine of RMB 22400 million. Meanwhile, the tong and Zhao are handled separately, the case for further proceedings.
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