How to Shop at Brand Name Stores Without Being a W

10 May

How to Shop at Brand Name Stores Without Being a Walking Billboard

Be a kid! If you like Abercrombie Fitch try going to abercrombie kids or (abercrombie). If not, ask your parents if you can do anything around the house.

Save! Build up the money by saving. Ask for things for Christmas or your birthday to avoid buying them with your own money. 1978″ or whatever. They tend to be the cheapest but you don’t want to get them.

Try knit layers instead! Knit layers are very cute! They are plain with no graphics but aren’t boring. Usually in the spring they will have little flowers at the neckline, different patterns, stripes, colors,Oakleys On Sale, knots, any design! The only labeling they have is a cute little moose, bird, dog, ect. on it.

Hoodies are an exception for brand names. Usually they will almost always have ” Hollister” or ” American Eagle” on it.

Classic shirts are a must have! They are cute with no labels except for the little logo. Usually plaid long sleeves like a cowgirl shirt.

Tanks and Cami’s rarely ever have any labeling,Bred 13s, they are cute with stripes, flowers, patterns etc. Avoid ones with labels.

Polos are always nice, classic yet cute are good news, no labels! Once again except for the logo.

Sweaters are a better replacement for hoodies. They are cute and designed with no labels. Usually are like cardigans that you can wear over top a flowy tank or something. yet they are expensive!

Bottoms are not as bad as tops. Jeans are fab. Sweats are more labeled, but hey what can ya do? Yoga pants are the best, they only have a moose or bird in the front and on the back fold,Oakley Outlet, in cursive the brand name. Nothing down the leg or anything.

Swimsuits aren’t usually a problem however there will be at least one that has only little mooses or birds on them. Avoid these at all costs they are tacky do not buy!
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